"Geet Sangeet group on Facebook pays tribute to her on her birthday"


The Geet Sangeet group on Facebook is paying a tribute to Shamshad ji on her birthday today (April 14, 2013). Those interested can participate there.

Ajit Sidhu ji of the group has written a sweet write up which I am sharing below:-

The inimitable Shamshad Begum was the reigning queen of Film music in its earliest years. She was never trained to be a singer, but her unusual voice quality caught the attention of the reputed Music Directors of that era, when they listened to her during her performances on Lahore Radio. MD Ghulam Haidar groomed her and gave her a chance in films like Yamla Jatt, Khanzanchi and Khandan. Her distinct nasal voice and ghazal-inflected folk style of singing made her a favourite of the leading music directors including OP Nayyar, Naushad and C. Ramchandra.

Even today, when we hear her immortal voice floating through the air, we are transported back to that era ruled by her melodious songs. There must be no one, even in the present generation, who have not hummed the unforgettable numbers such as “Saiyyan dil mein aana re”, “Reshmi Salwar Kurta jaali ka” or “Boojh mera kya naam re”. Having sung more than 5000 songs in five different languages with famous music directors, she can be declared as the queen of melody. Her “Khanakti” awaaz is never going to fade out from the world of music.

Geet Sangeet group wishes this melody queen, a very Happy Birthday and dedicate today’s theme to her.

 Many members posted her songs and appreciated her singing. This is one of them by Satyavir Yadav ji remembering her:-

She lives the life of a recluse today. This reclusiveness gives her an aura of mystery befitting her personality. She was, and remains, a reserved person. If she is known and loved today — six decades after she began singing — it is for her immortal voice and unforgettable songs listed above & many more. Even Lata Mangeshkar once told her, “No one has seen the kind of stardom and respect that you did !”
Her spontaneous, open-throated style of singing brought alive each and every word of a song.


A special banner made by Manoj Tripathi ji for the event is shown below:-


Geet Sangeet Banner Remembering Shamshad ji made by Manoj Tripathi ji


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