HelenHelen is definitely the most popular dancer to have featured in Hindi films. Although most of her songs have been sung by  either Geeta Dutt or Asha Bhosle, Shamshad ji has also sung a few songs for Helen. Unfortunately, videos/audios are not available for them


For the film, Sitara(1955), Ghulam Mohammad sahab had composed a nice duet of Shamshad ji with Rafi, Thandi Hawaayen Kaali Ghatayen Dil Hai Beqaraar Oh My Dear Come Come. According to some oldtimers it was picturised on Helen and Om Prakash. The song begins with Rafi sahab in a sad slow tune and then he suddenly switches mode. Then Shamshad ji joins in the same manner. The video of the delightful song is however not available. Here's the audio instead for your enjoyment.



HelenIn Film Milan(1958), there was a duet with Rafi which is very melodious. The song is Ek Meri Gali Ka Ladka Kuchh Bola to Dil Dhadka. Hansraj Behl sahab created it for a street song and it is a very good example of his collaboration with Shamshad Begum.


It occured in two parts in the movie. The first part had Shamshad singing for Helen. Here's the video to enjoy.



There was a second part too but it was picturised on a child.



In film Sawan(1959), Hansraj Behl sahab had composed a lovely punjabish song in which Helen danced. The song is, Meri Ghagree Noon Ghunghroo Lawa De Te Phir Meri Chaali Wekh Le. Do watch the video to enjoy the lovely duet with Rafi.



Some other films are known to have Helen songs with singing by Shamshad ji. If  you have any details or audio/video do please contact us on the site homepage.


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