Mohana was a very popular for her songs like Cuckoo in the late 1940s and early 50s. Sadly, her name is almost forgotten by the vagaries of time. One can't even get her picture on the net leave alone the songs.


Shamshad ji sang quite a few songs for her. We explore a few here. Not many videos/audios are available. Request for any material if available with music lovers.

The songs which  Shamshad sung for Mohana are very free spirited and make one fall in love with them immediately.


Shamshad ji probably first sang for Mohana for the movie Patanga. The first song was Pyaar Ke Jahaan Ki Niraali Sarkaar Hai. It is a duet with Lata Mangeshkar picturised on Nigar Sultana and Mohana. The song is an interesting commentary on love.



The second song, Pehle to Ho Gayi Namaste Namaste was quite popular in those days. Shamshad is joined by Mohantara, Chitalkar and Rafi. In the picturisation Nigar Sultana the heroine is seen along with Yakub and Gope.



Shamshad probably sang a song for her in Rimjhim the same year too but the songs and infact the movie are quite rare and difficult to get.


The next song known is a classic song where one  sees Shamshad ji in a lovely competition song with Kishore Kumar. It is a must hear song for fans of Shamshad. The song shows the range of her voice as well as the "masti" which she could bring to a song. Its a "khanakta" song all the way.I am of course, talking about the song, Jo Tum Karo Woh Main Kar Sakti Hoon Badh Ke. The song can definitely be considered as Shamshad and Mohana fighting for women's lib in a sweet way.

Here's the audio for all to enjoy.



Then Nagina had Shamshad singing again for her in a lovely fun duet with Rafi. Some might consider the song a bit risque for those times. Mohana is calling her lover, Oye Oye Oye Dear Mummy Dear Koi Nahi Ghar Pe Lagta Hai Mujhko Darr Oye Dear. The song is another great example of Shamshad ji's range. Not only are the "harkatein" amazing, her vocal range and khanak are also on full display. She also shows her control on her breath shifting from singing, Teri Kaali Kaali Soorat Se Mujhko Hai Nafrat to saying Chal Ab Hat the next minute. A must hear song for her fans. Rafi sings for Gope in the song and provides good support to Shamshad. Its also important to note that this is one of three songs Shankar Jaikishen used Shamshad ji's voice for.



The next Mohana song sung by Shamshad ji is another "mazedaar" duet with Kishore for the movie Ashiyana which had music by Madan Mohan. Kishore probably sang for actor Randhir while Shamshad ji sang for Mohana. The song is of course, "Do Se Ho Gaye Ek Hum ... Oh Madam Oh Mister". Both singers tease each other so well throughout the song. It seems to be a fun number picturised on the wedding night of a "marriage of convenience" seen in quite a few movies. The song covers full gamut of emotions telling about the supposed love and the impending divorce with a hint of the going on emotions. The video is unfortunately missing but the audio lets us know almost visually about what must be happening. The way Kishore sings, "Oh madam" and the "chulbula andaaz" with which Shamshad replies, "Oh Mister" is so lovely, so wonderful. Its to be heard to feel the fun.

Here's the audio for all to enjoy.








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