"Last Released Songs of Shamshad Begum"


Many believe that Kajra Mohabbat  Waala was the last released song of Shamshad Begum.

The real fact is that her songs continued to release till first half of 1970s with few gaps in between.The last released songs sung by Shamshad Begum were however for the film, Ganga Maang Rahi Balidaan(1981) which had music and lyrics by Prem Dhawan.


He had got three songs recorded by Shamshad Begum ji along with Mubarak Begum. It is not known exactly when they were recorded, but going by the release date and voice it appears it definitely must have been recorded in 1970s only if not before the release of the film.


The three songs are:-

1. Sanam Tere Liye Jaage Hain



2. Kar Lo Jitna Sitam



3. Humen Mitaane Aaya Jo




All three songs are really nice songs. One only wishes that music composers had used the two Begums more often. It is a sad loss of Hindi Cinema.



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